2017 ShineARide.com TM /Mobile auto detailing, Central Ohio./ Hours 9AM to 9PM Monday-Saturday/ closed on holidays.

''Serving Central Ohio since 06'',*detail your ride every 6 months. 
     #(614)419-3550 or call business #(937)738-7566. [^Touch for smart phones]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


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  < Like us on Facebook, to save $20.00, off any-one time detail. Please note that we will be detailing in your garage. Unless it is *38 degrees or warmer outside.

 During December, January, & February. Everyone gets $40.00 off. Also note all Military / Government / & Retiree's, get a automatic $40.00 all year long, It takes six to eight hours to do a full detail.

Every full detail, you get free 16oz bottle of window cleaner.

Shine A Ride, is your mobile, auto detailing company, serving 614 / 937/ 740 area codes.

We are serving Columbus, Worthington, Muirfield, Jerome, Hillard, Powell, Upper Arlington, Delaware, Marysville, areas.

Note > If you live in a condo, or a apartment, we can come detail, your ride on the weekend.



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